Amir Miodovnik, MD

Amir Miodovnik, MD

Amir Miodovnik, MDAmir Miodovnik, MDAmir Miodovnik, MD

Comprehensive evaluations and consultations for developmental delays, autism, ADHD, learning issues, and behavioral concerns.

515 Madison Ave, New York, NY

About Dr. Miodovnik

In addition to providing comprehensive evaluations and consultations, Dr. Miodovnik also works with families to identify strategies that promote academic, social, and behavioral well-being.

He completed fellowship and research training at Boston Children's Hospital/Harvard Medical School and Mount Sinai Medical Center and served as Chief of Pediatric Developmental Medicine at Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY.

DR. Miodovnik's MISSION

To ensure the best possible health care experience for your child.


To reduce trips to the clinic by utilizing home visits and tele-health options.


To help parents navigate the COMPLEX ROADMAP of special education.



1. We begin a discussion about your specific concerns.

I talk to parents about the issues that prompted them to seek help, so that we may tailor the evaluation to the child.

2. I review medical and psychological assessments.

 ✓ EI Team Reports

 ✓ IEP Evaluations    

 ✓ Neuropsych Reports

 ✓ Lab Results

 ✓ Doctor's Notes

3. I perform both developmental AND medical evaluations.

The developmental evaluation and physical exam take place in a location where your child feels comfortable.

4. I provide you with a comprehensive report.

The report goes over the findings from my evaluations and includes customized medical, educational, and behavioral recommendations.

5. We design a treatment plan.

The treatment plan ensures continuity of care. We work together to optimize your child's developmental, educational, social, and emotional growth.

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Contact Dr. Miodovnik

If you have questions for Dr. Miodovnik, feel free to send him a brief message. He will get back to you as soon as possible.